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Apr 18, 2022 –

Strongbox Data Solutions changes its name to Stronglink.


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StrongBox Data Solutions Announces Name Change to StrongLink


March 31, 2022

As we start our new fiscal year, April 1st 2022, StrongBox Data Solutions is now doing business as StrongLink. This simplified identity is consistent with our product focus and the name change makes it easier for us to engage with the broader markets our products now address.

Our new URL is and our email addresses have also transitioned to

For current customers and partners note that there is no change to our legal identity or contract language as this is a dba name change only. There are no changes to management or office locations of our business.

StrongLink is the leader in intelligent data management. By using AI and Smart Data Management, we have helped the largest enterprises across 17 industries reduce costs as well as to protect and simplify data management.

For more information contact Shakeeb Muhammad at

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