Who We Are

StrongLink is a technology leader in intelligent data management. StrongLink has serviced the world’s most demanding data environments since 2008. 


Delivers advanced global data management and enterprise-class security trusted by many of the world’s largest data environments. 

Scales from terabytes to exabytes across all file systems, as well as production and backup storage targets.

Implements consistent compliance policy management of all user and system access.

Provides global access to all storage systems and services across the enterprise including private, hybrid and public cloud storage.

Operates in and out of the data path to automatically classify data in real-time and through the classification, curates’ data for enhanced workflow automation.

Delivers global data view and uninterrupted management optimization of all Production, Backup and Archive data.

Utilizes meta-data, MI and AI to simplify and automate data and storage management, enabling customers to gain the maximum value from their data, dramatically reduce storage costs, increase productivity, and reduce IT storage management complexity.