Gaining more value through extensive data capture and intelligent metadata indexing to deliver faster and more accurate results to Data Scientists and Researchers

StrongLink is designed to help Data Scientists and Researchers to manage and extract value from vast volumes of data, simplifying, accelerating the analysis process.

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Meet the #1 Intelligent Data Management System Software to Deliver Data Scientists & Researchers with Accuracy, Results & Collaboration

Deviations, searching, and data relationships… it all has to ultimately translate to bottom-line metrics. We’ve helped the world’s largest organizations succeed in securing and focusing on relevant data to improve results, reduce costs, and simplify complexity.

data visibility

Deliver Visibility to Data

Provides complete and total visibility to unstructured data, everywhere, making it easier for the Data Scientist to access large amounts of data across the enterprise and cloud.

unlock data

Unlock Data Value

Automated Data Classification makes it easier for Data Scientists to identify / separate critical data needed for trends and advanced analytics.

data curation

Enhance Curation

Operational and analytical processes are fueled by data.  StrongLink not only provides data scientists access to the different data artifacts, it’s intelligent ingestion streamlines the curation workflow process of assembling, organizing and managing a collection to improve accuracy and agility.

workflow with security

Improves Workflow with Security

StrongLink’s granular data control, allows Data Scientists to share relevant data with the proper individuals, enhancing workflow, to deliver collaboration at the right time.