Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Management

The rise in global data storage is driving clients to utilize on-prem and cloud storage more efficiently. As such, multi-cloud or hybrid cloud solutions are gaining rapid momentum. This approach allows organizations to span multiple private or public cloud service providers simultaneously with the vision of realizing optimal data placement. While implementing multi-cloud is becoming a popular option, it also comes with some potential challenges.

92 percent of organizations already have a multi-cloud strategy.

Business owners lament the fact that around 30 percent of their cloud budget goes to waste.


June 2022

What's the root cause?



While a Hybrid, Multi-Cloud environment provides the promise of data optimization flexibility, it naturally introduces more complexity. Simply going through the data inventory process to identify the optimal data placement in terms of cost, compliance, and security is an extensive manual process.



Added complexity results in increased costs due redundant staff (with specific cloud provider knowledge) and diminished efficiency due to the time to optimize and manage multiple environments.  In such cases, Data Sprawl occurs naturally by having redundant data across multiple providers.



Understanding the failure modes of each cloud provider and how they impact your application stack is crucial to building reliable applications that operate correctly in a Disaster.



Managing security policies across a multi-cloud ecosystem expands the attack vector for  bad actors to compromise. This requires organizations to provide a higher level of due diligence to secure all boundaries consistently across different platforms.

Our Solution

Removes Complexity

Enforces Global Data Protection & Security

Eliminates Storage Silos

Delivers Non-Disruptive File Migrations

How StrongLink helps you manage and optimize Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Storage

Global Data View

The intuitive, browser-based StrongLink Control Panel with Data Insights enables visualization, statistical analysis and management of all files, regardless of source. Users can create permission-based custom views for sharing and collaboration.

Global Metadata Consistency

Auto discover, extract, and classify metadata from all digital assets. StrongLink identifies and aggregates metadata including file system, application-specific, external database, and user-generated metadata, enhancing it with automated and manual tagging. Use any metadata type to power scheduled and triggered workflows reducing complexity and driving greater productivity.

Flexible Deployment Options

Data can be directly accessed from any storage with no dependency on StrongLink. File naming and hierarchy are maintained regardless of storage, including all metadata across Hybrid-Cloud environments.  StrongLink can be deployed in & out of the data path as well as in a hybrid of both Managed Storage (out of the data path) and Advanced Managed Storage (AMS) in the data path.

Autonomous Data Management

StrongLink provides global control and visibility to all fi les across all storage. StrongLink is designed to open standards so files can be accessed without a dependency on StrongLink. Keep files on existing storage, consolidate storage, migrate data, tier and archive.

Data Insights

Stronglink’s software scans all data across all storage and services, classifying data and  identifying duplicate data, as well as profiles data to identify compliance, and efficiency requirements.