Data Automation / Asset Curation

StrongLink can classify data in real time or as a batch process across all data within the organization. StrongLink tags data according to its type, sensitivity, and value to an organization. Through StrongLink’s Data Classification organizations gain a clear understanding the value of its data, determine whether the data is at risk, and implement controls to mitigate risks (stop data from being altered, stolen, or destroyed). StrongLink’s automated data classification helps an organization comply with industry-specific regulatory mandates such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI DSS, CMMC, and GDPR.

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Best-in-Class companies are 30% more likely to have a data catalog solution

What's the root cause?


Siloed Data & Sprawl

Ability to identify where data is located, stored across different systems, without a consistent methodology to access.



Lack of identification and categorization of data, including location appropriate protection levels.


Standardized Process

Lack of standardized and repeatable process to classify data.

68% of organizations report that they are unable to realize measurable value from their data.

Our Solution

Intelligent Metadata Tagging & Harvesting

Optimal Data Security Placement

Security, Access History, & User Rights

How StrongLink helps you Categorize Data to realize Compliance & Protection

Avoids Misclassification of Assets

Through advanced metadata capture, Stronglink provides automated classification recommendations, ensuring all data is identified in using best practice methodology in line with the individual business requirements.

Correct Privilege Management

Through StrongLink’s Global File System, controlled access to data can be implemented, and tracked. StrongLink implements privilege management controls to ensure that a single person cannot perform an entire process unchecked, answering the question “what information dos this person or group need to perform their job function”.

Incident Response

While a great deal of effort is placed on preventative security, equal attention on incident response to what occurs when a breach occurs. With StrongLink’s in line metadata capture, firms can keep track of what data has been accessed, when, frequency by individuals or systems.