Enhanced Operational Agility

No other Intelligent Data Management solution in the industry addresses the Legal and Financial Compliance needs of the organization as StrongLink does. And we’ve been doing it consistently for the past two decades for the world’s largest companies. Find out how.

executive management

Meet the #1 Intelligent Data Management System software for Finance & Legal Business Leaders Concerned with Reducing Liability and Saving Costs

Implementing consistent data management policies globally across the organization that meet Legal life-cycle, insurance compliance, and operational savings requirements are top concerns for executive management. Based on decades of real-world life-cycle data management, StrongLink provides the global reporting, administration, and operational cost savings from data independence and AI.

global reporting

Global Reporting

Through the All-in-One Data View, see all data across the enterprise, securing reports that ensure Archive Data is stored in accordance with legal and insurance compliance requirements, reducing liability and cyber-security insurance premiums.

global view

Global Data View

Though StrongLink’s Unified Cloud View, Simply data management by utilizing StrongLink’s Unified Cloud View and Artificial Intelligence to access, present, classify, and take manual and/or autonomic action to move data across all storage infrastructure and services in the environment. 

vendor neutrality

Vendor Neutrality

Through the Store functionality, StrongLink can mount to any storage platform on any storage infrastructure or Cloud Service.  Data can be moved to the lowest cost platform (without egress charges) or moved to support technology refresh across any vendor, avoiding Vendor Lock In and Service Interruption.  Additionally, StrongLink provides separation of metadata from specific storage vendor infrastructure, delivering true data independence.