Data Lake & Governance

The rise in remote and hybrid working environments as well as hybrid cloud computing is driving the need for Data Lakes to realize faster and more efficient use of data.  StrongLink helps organizations realize this value by simplifying the implementation and implementing management structure to realize value from the data.

A data lake that isn’t well governed may become more of a swamp.

What's the root cause?



Lack of setup and management to handle a wide array of data formats make it difficult to interpret, classify and store.



Ability to classify and ingest data pipelines from various sources in real-time to make timely decisions.​



Optimizing data lake locality and usage to ensure cloud storage costs are controlled.​



Inconsistency in metadata information structure for relevance, and security to ensure data maintains integrity.​

Approximately 85% of Data Lake projects fail.

Our Solution

Provides Extensive Metadata Tagging​

Security, Access History, & User Rights​

Adheres to Metadata Standards & Best Practices​

Delivers Scalable Data Integration​

How StrongLink helps you Categorize Data to realize Compliance & Protection

Faster Implementation

By using StrongLink, organizations can seamlessly implement a Data Lake utilizing existing storage infrastructure and Cloud Storage resource.

Faster Realization of Data

StrongLink’s software can be configured to  scale-out to ingest and categorize data in real-time, delivering more accurate data to make more timely decisions.


By using StrongLink’s metadata engine, data is categorized based on the criteria needed to meet the organization’s business and compliance requirements. Data can be categorized based industry standards and modified to meet industry specific requirements.

Hybrid Data Value

Through StrongLink’s advanced cloud service connectivity, Stronglink incorporates data that resides on-prem and across cloud(s) into the data lake increasing the value of the data lake.