Government & Research

Government & Research trust StrongLink to modernize and manage their data and storage to meet the growing needs of delivering real-time, always-on intelligent data management of their largest data environments. 

Overview and Challenges

Government agencies and research organizations are continuously challenged to improve their services while managing budget constraints. The exponential growth of data continues to put pressure on an organization’s ability to effectively manage data while meeting governance requirements and keeping costs within budget. Further, the information needs to be made available to a variety of end users, including the public. These pressures demand organizations to pursue greater efficiencies to manage and move data, simplify metadata capture, and establish automated policies that free them from vendor based data silos.

Every year, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) conducts a survey of the state CIOs to identify and prioritize the top policy and technology issues facing state government. Consistently, these surveys report that CIOs rank cloud services, cost control, cybersecurity, and data management among their top priorities. Further, when asked which services are in the highest demand CIOs ranked Storage, Backup , Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery as top requirements.

Key Benefits for IT in Government and Research

Stronglink’s data management and compliance solution provides organizations a simpler yet more comprehensive approach to tackling these challenges, by providing a single global namespace for all data. StrongLink removes the complexity associated with managing heterogenous storage environments and simplifies data movement without any impact to the end user.   

Its powerful policy engines automate workflows, drive greater metadata-driven insights, and power more efficient data protection across all storage including tape and cloud.  The automated policies enable consistent management of the retention, placement. and protection of data, thus reducing storage and management costs and ensuring provenance to realize greater value from the data. 

Single Truth for all File Data

Searchable Metadata and Policy Based Automation ensure the provenance and protection of data.

Reduce infrastructure Costs

Global File System across all platforms and automated data movement avoid storage vendor lock-in establishing storage as a commodity.

Eliminate Downtime

Policy Based Data Protection ensure availability of critical data while enabling DR prioritization based upon the value of data.

Manage Data Growth

Policy Based data management and curation automates data retention to match the organization or workflow requirements.