Media & Entertainment

The world’s largest Media and Entertainment companies trust StrongLink to manage their content and storage infrastructure/services to meet their ongoing needs to produce, protect and optimize their content development and distribution.

The sheer number of productions and size of the content produced is growing at an ever-accelerating rate.  To keep pace, top media and entertainment organizations are generating vast collections of assets that must be managed continuously to achieve optimum value.

Top challenges to manage include:

Cost Optimization

StrongLink provides a comprehensive unstructured data management solution for analysing, moving and managing data for media and entertainment organizations .


01 Storage cost optimization

Data Storage Cost Optimization

Optimize data storage costs by identifying and  placing inactive production data off expensive tier 1 storage to the optimal Cloud, Network Attached or Tape Storage archive platform.  StrongLink lets Media and Entertainment intelligently identify  inactive data across the enterprise and by established policies to migrate along with cost efficiency.

Data Migration

StrongLink is radically simple to deploy and use. In minutes, you can create a Global File Index that delivers visibility into data growth and usage. Use our tools to plug in your unique costs to get real ROI calculations based on the objectives you can set globally or modify for each business unit.

02 Data Migration
03 Non Disruptive Transparent Move Technology 1

Non-Disruptive Transparent Move Technology

StrongLink Transparent Move Technology (TMT) moves data so users and applications see their files as if nothing has changed. StrongLink does this without the use of static stubs or by making changes to hot data paths so you always will have access to files.

Modern Architecture: Scale Out, Spend Less

Both the fidelity and sheer volume of media are exploding. StrongLink software utilizes a shared-nothing grid architecture that grows on demand and to handle this massive scale of file and object data with intelligent automation

04 Modern Architecture

How do Media & Entertainment handle this explosion of unstructured data?