Maximize Technology ROI

No other solution in the industry provides IT and Security professionals the power to harness data sprawl and extract value to deliver a Return on Investment as fast and simple.  We’ve been doing it consistently for the world’s largest companies for nearly two decades, while delivering innovative security collaboration measures.  Find out how.

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Meet the #1 Intelligent Data Management System software for IT & Security Management Obsessed Agility & Vendor Independence

Managing Data Sprawl across Multiple Storage Providers on prem and in the cloud while implementing global policy management and security are top challenges for IT professionals.  We’ve helped the world’s largest organizations succeed in optimizing storage costs and implementing consistent policy management across the entire data cycle to improve results, reduce costs, and simplify complexity.

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Delivers Secure And Resilient Data Management

StrongLink alleviates the risks associated with cybersecurity by creating immutable data copies, tiering data transparently to off-site storage, and maintaining strict user/system access to data with change control logs.


Enhances Efficiency

Simplify data management by utilizing StrongLink’s Unified Cloud View and Artificial Intelligence to access, present, classify, and take manual and/or autonomic action to move data across all storage infrastructure and services in the environment.

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Improves Data Value While Reducing Costs

Through advanced metadata capture, turns Archive Data into Active Data providing organizations more intelligence for Business Intelligence and Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence.


Delivers Performance And Configuration Flexibility

Configure StrongLink nodes for the optimal performance required for the mission.  Nodes can be scaled out virtually or reside on bare-metal hardware supporting in-band and out-of-band operation between any type of Storage Source and Target.


High Resiliency & Availability

StrongLink utilizes atomic operations as well as database sharding to protect metadata integrity.  Basic configurations include multiple instances, operating in an Active-Active configuration to ensure no loss of data access locally or in the cloud.

disaster recovery

Advanced Disaster Recovery

StrongLink supports Active-Standby and Active-Active geo-clustering to meet the Service Level requirements of any organization.