Partner FAQ

1. How are the trainings scheduled?

The trainings are scheduled through Zoom Webinar(s).

  • Sales
  • Technical Courses (level dependent)

2. Is the Training Self-Paced?


3. Is there a Training Cost?

No, there is no cost to attend the training.

4. How Long is the training?

  • Sales Training is 1 hour.
  • Technical Training for Resellers is 2 hours.
  • Technical Training for SI is 4 hours.

SI’s are required to have their own Not For Resale (NFR) license of StrongLink operational to provide demonstration and support services.

5. Are there marketing fees that must be paid to StrongLink?

There is NO marketing fees levied. However, with an approved co-marketing plan and outbound joint campaign development, costs can be shared reasonably.

6. Revenue requirements? If so, what are they?

Given this is the first year, and first opportunity – we would like to forgo revenue requirement until next year.

7. Training requirements – 

  1. Are there sales and technical requirements? If so, what are they for each?
    Yes there are Sales and Technical Training Requirements (See Attached)
  2. Are they self-paced (for each)?
    No – the training is not currently self-paced.
  3. Is there a cost and if so, what is it for each training?
    There is no initial cost for the training.
  4. How long is the training for each course (20 minutes or 2 hours)?
    2Hrs – broken up across 2, 1Hr. sessions.

8. Are there reporting requirements? If so, what are they?

Yes, we require a quarterly update on all opportunities.  The report is performed through a QBR – 1Hr. call with the program manager assigned to StrongLink.

9. Are there marketing requirements? If so, what are they?

Yes, The Marketing Requirements are as follows (for a Reseller)

Program RequirementsOverview
Account Mapping & StrategyCustomer List & Sterling Sales Staff: StrongLink Introduction Strategy
Sales Staff Trained by StrongLinkAttached (target 3-5 Sales & Accompanying Presales Engineers)
Technical Staff TrainingTraining of Technical Staff to be able to perform demonstration of StrongLink
Sales Staff Assigned to OpportunitiesSterling Sales Staff responsible for registering deals & tracking sales pipeline
Business Review ReportingQuarterly by StrongLink Assigned Program Manager
Marketing Staff Contact & Introduction PlanAssignment, Introduction Development & Execution (including Press release)
WebsiteStrongLink Logo on Website, Relationship Page & Sterling Executive Quote
Joint Campaign Development & WebinarJoint Vertical Market Campaign Development & Webinar

10. Fees? If so, what are the fees for and how much are they?

Unless Training is required on-site / there currently are no fees.

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